-Please refrain from  all alcohol, aspiring, or aspirin products(blood thinners) such as Ibuprofen and Aleve for 24 hours prior to your appointment time.  The only products for aches and pain that will not make your bleed is Tylenol.  Also refrain from Vitamin E and fish oil capsules for 7 days prior to your application.  all of these make you bleed excessively.  Excessive bleeding during the procedure will  negatively affect the longevity of your permanent makeup application.  In some cases the application will need to be prematurely stopped.

-Please avoid energy drinks & excessive amounts of coffee for up to 24 hours before your appointment.  Not having caffeine in your system will help you relax much more easily, as well as help to relax the facial muscles in the brow area. 


After Care Instruction during 10 days of healing period

- No sun bed, sauna or swimming
-No sweating in the gym for the first 3 days
-No makeup on the brow area
-No Anti-Aging creams on the brow area
-DO NOT pick scabs if any appear
-DO NOT itch the brow area

Leave your brows alone and be very gently caring for them.  Always pat dry.  Let them heal totally for at least 7 days
Apply organic,  or Bio oil 2-3 times a day.  Make sure the brows are well moisturized.  Flaking and minimal scabbing is normal.  If you experience swelling, apply a soft gel ice pack to brows.  Any pigment that comes off during this period can be touched up on your next appointment (4-6 weeks).