Skilfully shaped and filled-in eyebrows can transform your face.
Now there's a more advanced way to update and enhance your eyebrows.
Microblading is fast-becoming the preferred choice of savvy consumers seeking a natural, aesthetic and safe result.

What is Microblading?

Categorized under 'permanent makeup', microblading embroiders strokes that resemble real hairs to reconstruct or define your eyebrows. If you want to fill-in over sparse brows or cover gaps, this technique is for you. Want to add a nice, subtle arch to your eyebrows? You're a great candidate for microblading! Women and men with alopecia can also benefit from microblading.

How is microblading different from tattooing?

In the simplest terms, a professional uses a special microblading pen to create individual strokes one by one. It is a precise, careful process that can take about two hours to complete. The results last between one to up to three years.
Cosmetic tattooing involves implanting pigment into the skin to create the desired shape. The results may not always look as natural as what is possible with microblading, and a lot depends on the technician.